All about Mary

Born in Wales.  Living in London.  Spirit in Cornwall.

I have always loved sewing, making and painting. From a young age at my mummy's knee (where I learnt how to use her Singer sewing machine that I still own and use today) to a fashion and textiles degree at art college, creating pattern and design in many different forms has always been a huge part of my life.

After graduating from college I worked for ten years designing surface patterns for fabrics, graphics for the labels, and all types of clothes in the fashion business, travelling the world working in Hong Kong, India and Europe.  And then life all changed with the arrival of my two amazing sons!

A few months after my boys were born, I had always wanted to paint ceramics, so I spent a weekend learning the basics from an old master who had been a hand decorator of china at Royal Worcester pottery. I  got a kiln, and off I went! After five years establishing my own business, I opened two gift shops and ran these for 18 years while continuing to design and create.  However I felt the need to return full time to my creative roots, so here I am designing and making full time, and absolutely loving it!

I have a lovely hut in the garden 'Mary-land' where I work - lots of exciting and creative stuff goes on in here. This is where my gin print and candle offshoot was conceived. I work in my hut accompanied by my two cats whilst listening to either Radio 4, Motown, soul or reggae music.

My artistic inspirations range from the Famous Five with lashings of ginger beer, a gin & tonic, Dufy, Grayson Perry, Thomas Hardy, 1930s china, Indian textiles, Bawden  and Ravilious, to chocolate with a nice cup of tea!

I love thinking up new concepts, especially when a customer requests something unique.  I really enjoy collaborating, and drawing inspiration from their ideas to create a special design that they will love and cherish, or will be proud to give away as a keepsake.

I love my work, and I hope you do too.